Beyond the Egg: Upcycled Egg Cartons

You bring home your New Generation Eggs, enjoy many delicious meals, now you’re left with an egg carton.

What do you do now? Upcycle it!

The benefits of upcycling include reducing your waste, having a fun project to work on, and gaining a new, useful item and little to no cost!

Here are a few fun, easy projects you can use to transform your empty egg cartons into a beautiful creation:

Egg Carton Mini Cupcake Holders

Mini cupcakes make a delicious treat to share wherever you go -- you can even use New Generation Eggs when making them! When bringing them to work, school, or a party, an empty egg carton makes the perfect transportation solution. You can even decorate or paint the egg carton for a festive look. If you just have a few minutes, you can quickly fill the cartons with the mini cartons and have a perfect carrying tray without any additional work. If you have a bit more time, get creative with how you decorate the egg carton!

Pink is the perfect color in celebration of Women’s Day or choose another color to celebrate your favorite holiday.

New Generation Eggs Cupcake Holders.

Egg Carton Flower Mirror Crafting the flower mirror is not quite as quick as the cupcake holders, but is definitely rewarding! If you have an old mirror laying around, you may not even have to purchase anything to craft this mirror. After finishing your New Generation Eggs, cut up the empty carton according to the directions and glue them to the mirror. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this project. Paint the cartons festive colors or add additional decorations for an unique and creative look. Not only does this mirror look great around the house, but it also makes a fun and inexpensive gift! Plus, gifts that are homemade add an extra, special touch.

New Generations Eggs Carton Mirror

Egg Carton Lamp Your empty New Generation Eggs cartons can also be used to give your home an upgrade. By cutting and painting your egg carton, you can create a lamp! It does not take long and can transform the look of your room. The best part is, you may even already have all of the supplies at home. For a fun afternoon with friends or with your kids, create egg carton mini cupcake holders, flower mirror, or lamp!

New Generations Eggs Carton Lamp

These are the perfect reuses for your New Generation Egg cartons, contributing to a better world and your needs around the house. Pick up some New Generation Eggs and once you’re done enjoying them, repurpose them into something new!

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