How many Eggs in a Day is Healthy?

Eggs, in any form, is easily one of the healthiest food sources known to man. But, how many eggs can one actually eat in a day? How many eggs is too much?

New Generation Eggs on health bread with Avocado

If you are normally healthy and not allergic to eggs, you can eat eggs every day without a problem. One large egg is typically equivalent to 70 calories, and apart from being an excellent protein source, eggs also provide you with all the essential amino acids. The number of eggs you can eat a day depends on the lifestyle you seek to follow. Normal people who do not engage in strenuous activities on a daily basis can eat up to three whole eggs a day without any fear. You can eat beyond this amount, but you need your doctor's advice before proceeding.

The main issue with egg consumption is cholesterol. Eggs can increase your HDL (good) and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels depending on your physiology. In most healthy individuals, consuming around 3 whole eggs on a daily basis will not adversely affect your LDL levels greatly. In fact, the number of large LDLs is expected to rise rather than small LDLs, and people who have a greater amount of large LDLs have a much lower risk of succumbing to heart disease.

In essence, we recommend the ideal number to be around 3-4 whole eggs per day unless you are an athlete or some type of bodybuilder. The main problem is, research is inconclusive as to what the effects of eating half a dozen or more eggs are on the physiology of normal individuals.

Let us know your thoughts...

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