Eggxciting Nutritional Facts

After reading an interesting few articles about egg facts, we decided to tell you about our findings.

Eggs are one of the most healthiest parts of a person's diet. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and they contain the highest biological value of protein along with milk. 100 grams of eggs will give 13 grams of protein and 155 calories. Eggs are an essential part of the diet of professional athletes who rely on its energy and health properties. Eggs are also tastier than most types of meat with the possible exception of certain types of fish.

Some of the most interesting nutritional facts about eggs are:

Raw egg with yolk and egg white New Generation Eggs

  • More than 50% of an egg's calories come from the yolk's fat

  • Don't skip the yolk as it has most of an egg's nutritional value

  • The egg white contains nearly 90% of water

  • One large egg is equivalent to six grams of high quality protein

  • One large egg provides 50% of your daily requirements of vitamin B12

  • Eggs provide 14 different nutrients such as vital vitamins, iron, zinc, and choline

  • Consuming eggs is good for a person's eyes, skin, and bones

  • Eggs are excellent for dietary and weight loss purposes

  • Eggs are essential for bodybuilding purposes

  • Eggs contain essential antioxidants that play a vital role in cleaning your body

  • Eggs play a strong role in brain development and function courtesy of cholin

We hope you have learnt something, and will start stocking up on those New Generation Eggs, available at Family Pick n Pay stores in South Africa.

Until next time... serve it sunny side up

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