5 Reasons why you should think 'EGG' for weddings!

Every bride wants to create a unique experience for her guests. It's almost like a stamp of character required on the wedding day. Brides spend hours, days, months to ensure they have captured that unique experience... goodness knows why... On our worldwide egg journey, we usually find fascinating traditions and customs, and especially in Persian and Malay weddings, eggs play a big role, typically symbolising fertility. However, we've decided to crack up a few fresh ideas for your big day! Alternatively, you can easily use these ideas when you are invited as a guest and want to gift in an different way...

1. A symbol of new life

The egg is an ancient symbol of new life! Why not start your new adventure together by placing the rings inside an eggshell. It can even be cracked open on the wedding day itself. We used sea salt inside the egg, yet another symbol of life and worth!

2. Best Man Wedding party instruction box

Apparently a wedding party can make a big difference to the smooth runnings of a wedding, and as Margaret Berry rightfully points out: "Protocol was invented for bystanders who find themselves in emotionally tense situations". We love the witty guidelines offered by The Morning News We've blown out a few eggs, sprayed them gold and added quirky message inside the eggs. We got the pins from Eventology. Well, you can use your imagination of course!

3. Keep them kids entertained...

Be real! Of course there's always a debate on whether children are allowed or not. Well, for those brave hearts who absolutely adore having the kids running around all over the show... We've created a game that can involve the guests and all the nosy aunties who are dying to pass on all the gossip! We've designed a sensory game and the women of course can utilise their sixth sense as well!

Above, we've used play dough, sticks and paper to create instruction numbers. It's very simple, place each object in the egg carton once you've found it! You will also need bottles and a stick for the limbo dance! We used blue (for something blue) and you have legal permission to use this game as 'something borrowed' ;-) The winner takes it all!

The rules of the game:

4. Something Sweet!

Why spend a fortune on wedding favours for each guest? People are actually 'OK' with just being there and savouring the privilege of sharing your special moment! Let your guests light the fire of life with these marshmallow kits! Again, we've chosen something 'blue'!

5. Wedding favours (if you really want to)

So you are still not convinced? Up-cycle your gifting with eggshells and old candle wax. We've used birthday candles and poured used candle wax into the eggshell to support the candle. Dip the egg in glue and pink salt to create that living on the edge effect!

OR craft a funky message for each guest and remember! Eggs resemble life and new beginnings... for friendships too!

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