What is the Ideal Diet for a Gym Newbie?

As a gym novice, you may be unaware of how you should be eating when you start gymming. Certain people follow a diet and certain people don't change their eating habits at all. It essentially boils down to what kind of body you seek to cultivate. Bodybuilders, cardio enthusiasts, and weight watchers have varying kinds of diets, and it is quite crucial to determine what you need to be eating.

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However, there should be a few types of eating habits or foods that should be common across all people who works out for 1-2 hours on a daily basis. This list is applicable to non-vegetarians. It includes:

  • Big breakfast: A high-protein breakfast is essential to derive results from gymming. Eggs are the most popular option due to their health benefits and price, and beginners can consume 5-6 eggs for breakfast. Oats, cottage cheese, almonds, and lean meat sandwiches are good options as well. Protein shakes have also gained mainstream acceptance in the recent years.

  • Eat something every 3 hours: Serious body builders typically don't eat three meals a day, but eat around 4-5 eggs well spaced out, calorie-packed meals a day in tune with their workout schedule. Beginners need to eat every 3-4 hours as their muscles will be worn out and the body needs to acclimatize to the new intake.

  • Balance: Too much protein intake initially is never a good practice as your body cannot adjust to it. You need to consume at least 1-2 carbohydrate-packed meals. If you seek to become a bodybuilder, you can slowly phase out the amount of carbs you consume. While low-carb may be a popular dietary trend, it is highly unsuitable for bodies that are not used to the rigors of intensive gymming.

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