How to make your own bouncy eggs

Hi Guys

It is Mel here, from New Generation Eggs and today I want to explain to you how to make your own bouncy eggs.

What you will need:

  • Vinegar

  • Food Colouring

  • New Generation Eggs [Raw and in it's shell]

  • Bowl

What you will do:

Step 1:

Take about 2 cups of Vinegar and pour it into the EMPTY glass bowl [picture just shown for illustration purposes, do not put egg shells in the bowl]

Make sure you have poured enough vinegar to completely cover the egg

Bowl with New Generation Eggs

Step 2:

Place your raw New Generation Eggs in the bowl

You can add a few drops of food colouring as desired

Leave the eggs in the bowl of vinegar over night - for at least 24 hours

Step 3:

The egg shell will start peeling off after 24 hours, make sure all shell is removed by rubbing it gently.

You can leave it or longer if you want.

If you did not add colouring the egg will be slightly transparent and you will see the yolk

There you have it, your own bouncy eggs.

Be gentle when you bounce it, but have loads of fun!

You can also gift it for someone special by using the New Generations Egg Carton and downloading a gift tag from our website [Gift of Life page]


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