Upcycle the way you give this season!

How many times are you invited to a dinner party, 'braai' or 'year-end-doo'? ...and, yes! South Africans do embrace the barbecue culture quite often.

Running out of ideas on what to take with as a token of appreciation? Why not start the trend of giving 'the gift of life with, hmmm, well... Eggs!

Eggs have the universal meaning of life and new beginnings!

We've decided to light up your world of giving, by providing you with free tags to download and print for any occasion and any calibre of friend!

If you are a last 'minute.com' type of person, these ideas will be right up your alley, you don't even have to use all these 'upcycle' ideas, just print the message and add it to a carton of eggs!

My favourite though, is this fire starter idea!

Summer is here! Light up the hearts of many people around you with alternative gifts!

#eggs #NewGenerationEggs #upcycle #recycle #eggcarton #fire #firestarters

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