What's in a name?

New Gen favourite eggshell colour

It never made sense to me... the name of this colour.

Associating one of our favourite colours with an egg, really? But then again, paint and lipstick names are beyond beautiful. However, since we are approaching World Egg day, I've decided to shed the mystery and look behind the shell, and yes indeed - thanks to the American Robin, eggshell blue does exist!

According to Wikipedia, Robin egg blue, also called eggshell blue, approximates the shade of the eggs laid by the American Robin." I so agree with Michael Penny: "Robin's-egg blue is a good beginner colour," he says. "We see it in the sky and water all around us, so our eye is used to it." This eggshell blue invokes peaceful vibes and crosses many bridges across trends, styles and times. This colour is like your chatty soulmate, it gets along with other colours too. Sarah Egge dishes this appealing hue up in the most clear and respectful way below.

Little did I know though, that blue eggs are blue inside out... Unlike brown eggs, or New Gen Eggs or any other healthy eggshells, blue eggs are the only ones where the colour pigment penetrates through the shell. Countryside network offers the best explanations on the colour of eggs.

What is a room without the perfect inside out view? Joanna Simmons talks about Duck blue as the friendliest colour around for interior, if you are still reading, you would love her write up too...

So, since I have never been able to understand the naming of this colour, I officially rename this stylish colour to...

"Mystery Soul"

Any other thoughts?

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